Production companies


Standard products for production companies include:

  • Evaluation and increase of output in the key company process and its all parts according to client business operations (sales, purchasing, logistics, production preparation, maintenance, quality, stocks and services)
  • Efficiency improvement of supported processes and activities in order to assure the best output of key company process with minimum operational costs (HR, marketing, controlling, finance, IT and services)
  • Efficiency improvement of selected activities (changing the way of doing them, using of new materials, activity automation)
  • Optimization of production capacities (production process streamlining, line balancing, bottlenecks elimination, efficiency improvement of cooperation, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, Lean)
  • Optimization of human resources (effective setting of workers, supervisors, managers and their management span, tactical and technical training)
  • Improvement in management system, organization of work and communication
  • Efficiency improvement of organizational structure (effective internal orderliness in groups of workers)
  • Costs optimization (cost cutting, energetic media optimization and awareness, quality increase)
  • Quality control system optimization (preparation for ISO certification, implementation of Six Sigma principles, TQM)
  • Reporting, Performance management system and motivation of workers.

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