BFM on the market


Since 2000 BFM have implemented more than 170 projects for many clients and have always met the predetermined deadline, extent and brought successful results and improvements. Thanks to our projects, the clients achieve the total improvements exceeding EUR 60 million annually and 65% of clients continue to cooperate with us in the other areas. The standard return on project investment, the ratio between project improvement and project cost, is 500% within one year after completion of the project.p>

Our clients include big financial institutions, telecommunication companies, significant production companies, hospitals, universities and financial investors. Until now, BFM haven’t had any action in court because of not fulfilling contractual obligations or for any other purposes.

BFM is a partner for organizations like Siemens, Canon, Čekia, Syconix, Copy General and others in the area of process effectiveness on projects realized by them.

Our clients