Non-production organizations


Standard products for nonproduction organizations include:

  • Audit of processes, output increase in selected processes and activities (overall solution for efficiency improvement of organization, from the analysis of current situation, the implementation of all necessary changes to the introduction of performance management system)
  • Optimization of human resources for particular volume of work (overall optimization in HR areas, from the identification to the Outplacement)
  • Improvement in management systems (increase in productivity, effectiveness in communication and better quality of work)
  • Optimization of administrative activities (effective flow of documentations, digitization, automation and keeping records, optimization of variety of documents and their contents for mass prints)
  • Efficiency improvement of organizational structure (optimal management span, effective internal orderliness in groups of employees)
  • Costs optimization (cost cutting)
  • Risk analysis, analysis of company culture and employee satisfaction
  • Tactical and technical training

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