How is BFM different


We offer our clients the best way of project implementation in terms of transparency, management and financing

We use practical, systemic and thorough way of implementation

  • Our people have extensive experience in management of organizations
  • All introduced changes are systemic, sustainable and they generate improvements for the client every year

We apply very effective methods for introducing changes

  • We focus on transparency and acceptance of proposed changes
  • We have regular daily/weekly communication about the progress of the project with the client workers
  • Our implementation process is quick, flexible and step by step

We transfer know-how throughout the cooperation

  • We provide the client management with tactical and technical trainings during the cooperation
  • We promote continuous education and development

We require minimum time from the client side

  • We work on full time basis in the client operation
  • We are flexible (we use methods and solutions that respect client needs and requirements)

We have unique knowledge about the progress of the project

  • Progress of the project is communicated and controlled with the client top management on weekly basis (with daily update on client´s request)
  • We have transparent reporting system of the daily/weekly results of the project implementation

We have practical project structure

  • The Project director is the only person being responsible for progress of the project in whole

We provide the internal audit for implementation project

  • We have independent quality control of the project implementation

We offer the best project financing and transparency

  • The return on project investment is very high (within one year after completion of the project)
  • Standard return on project investment (ROI) is 1:5 (ratio project cost to project improvements)
  • Project improvements are higher than project cost during the project

We offer that project can be partly paid as the success fee

  • Client pays only for mutually agreed and implemented changes
  • The way of improvement calculation is agreed with the client prior to area development
  • The actual project improvement calculation is done by the client people

Our clients