Company profile


Business Field Management s.r.o. (BFM) was founded by experienced managers with an extensive successful international practice in implementing projects for improvement of business effectiveness in 2000. Nowadays we operate in Central Europe and our projects are mainly implemented in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The BFM team consists of 25 qualified specialists and about 30 outside consultants.

BFM main stress is put on the effective utilization of resources in client’s organization. Our goal is to be a company that provides clients with real and sustainable results in a trustworthy and fair manner. During implementation of our projects, we adhere to clearly defined methods and processes which are regularly controlled by each project internal audit. Our specialists observe the internal rules which motivate them to satisfy client requirements and needs.

BFM apply the implementation approach. The great emphasis is put on systemic and practical solutions. We always work and communicate with all management levels from top executives to supervisors. Due to these principles, we are able to guarantee sustainable results of our work and our projects can be partially financed from achieved and agreed improvements.

Our clients